Hey ❤

This time I have my OOTD-birthday-special 😀 for you!

20150404_153102 20150404_1531161

I wore: a rosé blouse which is sooooo beautiful!! ❤ (and it does not make me look like I have tons of kilos 😀 ), shimmery black jeans and brown shoes.

My accessories were: My pearl earrings (which you can’t see in these pictures unfortunately), my brand new watch and a bracelet (this combination is soooooo adorable! love it ❤ )

How would you describe this “style”? I’d say simple and casual but still chic and elegant…

I really hope you enjoy such quick OOTD’s 🙂

See ya, Annemarie

(Oh and: I cut my hair 😀 OMG it is so short ❤ )

A Monday

Beautiful way of looking at things ❤

The Broken Specs

It’s Monday and we all know it is a totally different day, for many of us the first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest. 😀 😉

‘Mon’ in Monday is a french word for ‘mine’ 🙂 Now, it sounds like a my day and much promising.

It’s Monday and it is not just another day as..

A happy couple might have got married today. ❤
Someone might have had their first kiss today.
Someone might have found out they were officially cancer free today. 🙂 🙂
Someone might have finally finished their debut novel today.
Lots of interesting thing might have happened today. 😉

Smile because it is a beautiful day today.. 🙂

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currently on repeat…


I am addicted to music – I can’t help ❤

Today I thought I’m gonna show you my top favourite songs which I listen to at least one time a day 😀

TobyMac – Beyond Me

Rihanna – Breakin’ Dishes ❤

Becky G – Can’t Stop Dancing

Pixie Lott – Caravan Of Love

Fall Out Boy – Centuries

Steven Curtis Chapman – Cinderella ❤

Meghan Trainor – Credit

Meghan Trainor – Mr. Almost

Meghan Trainor – No Good For You

Meghan Trainor – Walkashame

Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again

Charli XCX & Rita Ora – Doing It

John Newman – Easy ❤ ❤

Tove Styrke – Ego

Newsboys – God’s Not Dead ❤

Imagine Dragons – Gold

Mapei – Don’t Wait

Seinabo Sey – Hard Time

Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song

CRO – Hey Girl ❤

CRO – Jetzt ❤

CRO – Melodie

CRO – Never Cro Up

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl ❤

Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up (this is one of my all-time favourites!!!! ❤ )

Bebe Rexha – I’m Gonna Show You Crazy

Nick Jonas – Jealous

Ariana Grande – Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

Step Rockets – Kisser

Magic – Let Your Hair Down

Thorsteinn Einarsson –  Leya ❤

Sam Smith – Like I Can ❤

Nena – Magie ❤

Matt Cardle & Melanie C – Loving You ❤

Eric Zayne – Maneater

Eric Zayne – Mr. Therapy ❤ ❤

Cody Simpson – No Ceiling

Jan Delay – Oh Jonny (another one of my all-time favourites!!!! ❤ )

Clean Bandit – Real Love

SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse (another one of my all-time favourites!!!! ❤ )

Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me

Jennifer Rostock – Schlaflos (another one of my all-time favourites!!!! ❤ )

Fifth Harmony – Sledgehammer ❤

Hoizer – Someone New ❤

Jennifer Hudson – Spotlight

Maroon 5 – Sugar ❤ ❤

Tagträumer – Tagträumen ❤

Tove Lo – Talking Body

Margaret – Thank You Very Much ❤ 😀

Selina Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants

Jack’s Mannequin – The Mixed Tape (another one of my all-time favourites!!!! ❤ )

Bastille – Tuning Out (another one of my all-time favourites!!!! ❤ )

Bastille – What Would You Do (another one of my all-time favourites!!!! ❤ )

G.R.L. – Ugly Heart ❤

G.R.L. – Vacation ❤

Beyond The Black – Unbroken ❤

Kwabs – Walk

Nickelback – What Are You Waiting For (another one of my all-time favourites!!!! ❤ ❤ )

David Guetta & Emeli Sandé – What I Did For Love

Jessie J – Wild

Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy ❤

AND: Sia – You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile ❤ ❤ ❤ (OMG this song is my life!)

(order of rank does not matter – I love them equally hahaha 😀 )

Those are all songs which are on repeat all day long. In general it changes quite often 😀 – like everyday hahaha

and I know there are a lot of ❤ ‘s and all-time fav’s 😀 but guess what – I AM CRAZY when it comes to music!! Nothing is curing my heart more from whatever is going on than music does ❤

Annemarie ♥

DIY #1

Recently I have been inspired for some DIY’s and I thought I’m going to share them with you 🙂

So here’s the first one:



I’m sure you don’t need instructions to do this but anyway here you are:

You’ll need:

* a chain of lights

* a jar or a nice looking glass

* your imagination 😀


How to do it:

* put the chain into the jar

* try to hide the batterie thing in the middle of the jar so that it can’t be seen



This really gives you such a great lighting!

Just try it out and see if you enjoy it 🙂

It can’t be easier 😀


Stay tuned for some upcoming DIY-inspirations!

Bye, Annemarie

The Versatile Blogger Award ♥

(English Version below)

Ich bin vielseitig (versatile)? Wow, cool 😀


Danke wiederum an dich Sophie für die erneute Nominierung!! ❤

Die Regeln:

  • Danke der Person die dich nominiert hat
  • Teile deinen Lesern 7 Fakten über dich mit
  • Nominiere 15 andere Blogs, welche dich inspirieren, und gib ihnen Bescheid, dass du sie nominiert hast

 7 Fakten über mich:

  1. Ich sollte gerade lernen.
  2. In 2 Wochen muss ich meine Abschlussprüfung absolvieren.
  3. Mein Zimmer ist von Monstern befallen (Mappen-/Paper-/Zettel-/Lernutensilienmonster 😀 )
  4. In 2 Wochen ist auch mein Aufnahmetest für das Studium das ich gerne studieren will.
  5. Ich bin 1,60m groß.
  6. Ich bin blond.
  7. Ich liebe meine Birkenstocks ❤ FASHION hahahhaha xD

Blogs die ich nominiere:

fragen und gedanken

a caffeinated blog

.life with shau

one sip at a time

silver sparkling stories

und ich nominiere dich, ja genau DICH! 🙂

I’m versatile? Wow, cool 😀

 Thanks again Sophie for nominating me!! ❤

 the rules:

  • thank the person who nominated you
  • share 7 facts about yourself with your readers
  • nominate 15 blogs, which are inspiring and great, and tell them that you nominated them

 7 facts about me:

  1. I should be studying right now.
  2. I have to take my final exams in 2 weeks.
  3. My room was attacked by monsters (folders, sheets, learning stuff invasion 😀 )
  4. In 2 weeks there is also my qualifying exam for the university I want to study at.
  5. I’m 1,60 metres tall.
  6. I’m blonde.
  7. I love my Birkenstocks ❤ FASHION hahahhaha xD

 My nominees:

fragen und gedanken

a caffeinated blog

.life with shau

one sip at a time

silver sparkling stories

and you! Yes, you reading this 😀 ❤

Do it 🙂

Update #2: Meilenstein

Tja, was soll ich sagen – GESCHAFFT!!!!!

Ja wirklich – ich bin fertig!

Diese ganze Mühe, fast 1 Jahr lang geschrieben, ganz zu schweigen von den Vorbereitungen, aber es hat sich gelohnt! und wie!!

Vorigen Donnerstag (26.3.2015) habe ich das erste Drittel meiner Matura bestanden!! und das auch noch mit Bestnote 😀 (entgegen meinen Erwartungen hier) Ihr könnt euch gar nicht vorstellen wie stolz ich auf mich bin und wie sehr es mich freut diese erste Hürde überwunden zu haben! Dieses Gefühl danach ❤ ❤ ❤

Und jetzt bin ich natürlich übermotiviert die letzten 2 Prüfungen auch noch so gut hinzulegen 🙂


Bis bald, Annemarie

Daydreamer Challenge Day 7 – résumé

Ok guys so this is the actual last post on the Daydreamer Challenge 😦


Firstly though, today’s challenge is to write about what your favourite day of the Daydreamer Challenge was and why, what were your favourite posts that other bloggers wrote for the Daydreamer Challenge and anything else you would like to say!

Ok, so let’s get to it:

My favourite day …

Ok to be honest I can’t chose only one…. F*ck the rules 😀

So my favourite days were the first three ones:

Day 1 was pretty cool for me personally because right at the start I wrote my first poem ever O.o

I know this is amazing 😀

Secondly, Day 2 was also great because  we could describe ourselves and therefore all the participants gave the others a little insight in themselves 🙂

Day 3 was of course AMAZING because we shared the love 😀 It was great to get to know different People/Blogs ❤

During the challenge I loved reading Sophie’s blog Posts 😀 and I really liked to read the blog Posts from the participants with the picture which should describe ourselves ❤ 🙂

On the whole I am grateful for this experience and again a special thank to you Caitlin! ❤ Your awesome challenge is super awesome 😀 ❤

Ok, so that’d be it – next week everything will be ordinary again – THANK YOU again (yes you, you reading this 🙂 )

Laters x

Daydreamer Challenge Day 6 – Q&A

Hi guys….


Yesterday, I asked you guys to write a question at the end of the post. This is because I wanted to write down every question and you can just answer them! Easy peasy! Also, check out the blogs that gave the questions because they’re awesome! 🙂

Ok, so today is a very sad day…

Why? You may ask. Well, because this will be the last post on the Daydreamer Challenge 😦

I know guys, this is sad…

But to give it a worthy end I will answer one question of all participants. So let’s start 😀 :

Caitlin – Can you believe it is coming to the end of the daydreamer challenge?


(sorry that was a mental breakdown hahahahahahahahahahahah)

just call me elm or something – If you had the chance to meet one of your best internet friends/favourite blogger, would you be nervous before meeting them?

I guess not. Primarily because I haven’t been in the blog community that long and because they are just people like you and me 🙂

bubbakavangha – How do you describe your mind?

Annemarie like I guess 😀 hahahhaha

but I smile anyway – Would you like one of your posts to go viral?

I guess not, just because I don’t like the hype around these viral things.

Silver Sparkling Stories – What’s your biggest fear?

Being a not indepandant woman with no future prospects and no money.

a random rerson called Annie – How did you feel after you posted your first ever post?

AWKWARD. Hahahah I thought: Is this embarrassing? Well, let’s write another post 😀

one sip at a time – What’s your favourite phone app?

Apart from the obvious ones like WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. I am OBSESSED with Spotify

 K.E. Wilkinson – Where do you draw your inspiration?

From you guys ❤ My readers and all blogs I follow ❤ pictures and experiences

lrod’s blog – Would you rather have your blog go viral or keep t as it is (small audience)?

Keep it as it is ❤ 🙂

gess pressing words – What is the most awkward situation you’ve ever been in?

Puh…. Can’t think of one right now XD but you can be sure, there are a few hahahaha

sophie speaks up – If you could have someone’s blog for a month, whose blog would it be?

I guess it would be Sabines Lifestyle-Kolumne. I mean she’s awesome!! ❤

Rouge Vogue – If you were to re-write the dictionary for the year 2030, what one word would you like to change the description of, and why?

Limits or boundaries – because there are none. Everyone can achieve anything! I’m sure with the power of thought everything imaginable can happen 🙂

(mine) What is your favourite part of the day? (could be a time or an activity etc.)

My favourite time of the day is the late afternoon and the beginning of the night. Firstly because there are such amazing views  because of the sun ❤ ❤ ❤ be sure to check it out here. Secondly at night I can work super productive and I am highly concentrated at this time 😀

Well, that’d be it 😦

To end this: THANK YOU Caitlin for being such a creative person and coming up with such a great idea ❤

Bye ❤

Daydreamer Challenge Day 5 – achievements and goals

Wow, it’s already day 5! O.o


Day 5 is simply to tell us your achievements and goals for you blog.

Also I’d like you to write a question for bloggers to answer. Don’t answer or do anything with it! (It is in preparation for tomorrow’s challenge!)

Ok, so I don’t have exact goals but there are some things I’d love to do with my blog:

  • talk about random stuff which is relavant for myself
  • share my opinion with my readers
  • encourage people to think about certain topics
  • give my readers an insight in myself

But as much as I want to talk about serious stuff, I also want to post outfits or recipes or something else (not too profound I know hahaha) 😀

My achievements so far are:

  • I “met” nice people through the Internet
  • I got inspired a lot e.g.: sports, food, fashion, etc.

AND: What is your favourite part of the day? (could be a time or an activity etc.)

Till tomorrow ❤

Daydreamer Challenge Day 4 – Blogging Tips?

Hello again ❤


Okay so what I thought we’d do today is share some tips about blogging. Now, I know that some of you may be thinking “Gosh, I haven’t been blogging long enough!” or “I don’t feel like I understand blogging enough to be giving out tips!”

But I can guarantee that you learnt many things! It might be that before, you never used to bother finding other blogs but when you did, it helped you gain not just followers, but friends too!

Simple little things like that!

Now, I don’t want to sound rude, but is blogging all about gaining followers? I don’t think so. As for me, I started blogging to write – simply to write. By now I really do like the whole blogger community, but still I follow my own “style” of blogging. It makes me happy if people are following my blog – which means they are enjoying my writing and topics etc. – but my main goal is definetly not making as many people as possible read my rubbish 😀 .

Ok, I guess today is a bit of an unconventional blog post, but still I have one tip for you: BE YOURSELF!!!!!

See ya!

x Annemarie