shpock ♥

Hallo Leute 🙂

Heute möchte ich euch eine seeeeehr coole App vorstellen:


Das ist eine Verkauf-und-Kauf-App (ich glaube nur in Österreich) ähnlich wie Kleiderkreisel. Ich bin erst kürzlich auf diese tolle App gestoßen und habe sofort meine alten Kleider und Schuhe upgeloaded.

Wie funktioniert es?:

Zuerst meldet man sich an und dann geht’s auch schon los 🙂

Man kann aber nicht nur seine alten Klamotten/Accessoires oder ähnliches verscherbeln, sondern man kann auch für seine alten elektronischen Geräte (Küchengeräte etc.), Spielzeug, Autos/Fahrzeuge usw. einen neuen Besitzer finden.

Man wählt einen angemessenen Preis aus et voila.

Man kann nicht nur verkaufen sondern auch kaufen, d.h. warten so einige super Schnäppchen auf dich! 😉

Ich bin wirklich sehr zufrieden und ratet mal wer heute sein erstes Kleid verkauft hat 😉 Yey 🙂

Bis bald, Annemarie ❤


Today I thought I’d share a more fancy outfit with you 😀


I wore this the other day to school and got a lot of compliments for my shoes 🙂 So I thought I have to show them to you ❤


I really love these pair of wedges, I mean just look at the colour *.*


and combined with some basic trousers and just a plain white T-shirt, the shoes are definitely the eye-catcher 😀

Bye ❤ xoxo

when being alone becomes being lonely

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused with not a single person supporting you or being on your side.

Sometimes I crave for somebody to be there for me.

Sometimes I feel so damn lonely in this world full of people.

It’s not that I am such an introvert, being too shy to speak to people. Don’t get me wrong, instead I am quite the opposite from this type of person.

But sometimes I also feel happy when being alone. In these moments I am not lonely at all 🙂

DIY #2

Hi Guys!!! How are y’all doing?

I was totally in spring mood with all that nice weather and stuff, so I decided to decorate my room and came up with another DIY idea 😀


The common branches-in-a-jar type of thing xD

20150514_175753  20150514_175758

Here’s what you need:

* a jar (make sure it is big enough)

* branches (actually I wanted to havve cherry blossoms but guess what I couldn’t find any!! I looked around in my whole town :/ , but the branches I chose are also quite neat with these little buds 🙂 )

I filled the jar with tissues because I liked the look and additionnally they give this decoration item a special thing 😀 and they give the branches enough hold to not tilt over. Secondly, I embellished the whole thing with a bow 🙂 just because

See, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming to be beautiful 🙂 I really like it! and it is really beautiful on my window sill 🙂

I hope you are all doing well! x

I’m back!!!


(Ok actually not yet, but I’m free for now 😀 )

I am so relieved *.*

I love my life! ❤

It was such an exhausting time and I am SO glad that it’s over now 🙂 – in 9 days I’ll receive my results but I am sure they’ll be ok 😀

No more “eat. sleep. study. repeat” xD

I have so much in my mind concerning blogging. So let’s get started 😀

Woop woop ❤


Dear Reader!

I just wanted to inform you that I am not able to post a proper blogpost until may 12th because my finals are only a few days before O.O

I hope you’re all doing well ❤


P.S.: Good luck to everybody out there who is studying right now! We can do it!!