30 day letter challenge – day 18

A letter to the person I wish I could be:

Dear me,

I’m great! I’m great the way I am! I totally love my life and I wouldn’t change a thing! I am sooo satisfied with my latest events and my future goals, so that I can´t even name one thing which is wrong!

Of course, life isn’t about being perfect and god knows I am least of all perfect but I am fine with it. Perfection in combination with humanity even makes me uncomfortable!

I wish I could be me… and thankfully I am the person I want to be ❤

Thanks for always being me and being truly me! That has brought me to the human I am today and I am thankful for it!

30 day letter challenge – day 17

A letter to someone from my childhood:

Dear Mr. neighbour,

How are you?

I had to think of you because I cannot talk to you in person. I always remember you because you sold food to us and we, my sister and I, looked after the animals. I really like remembering these kind of memories 🙂

I hope you are doing well and maybe you know, but in case you don’t I want to tell you that I just checked out “your” new animals! They’re great!

Well, I wish you everything good!

Yours, Annemarie

30 day letter challenge – day 15

A letter to the person I miss the most:

Hello future boyfriend ❤

We haven’t met yet but I am excited to get to know you 🙂

I don’t want to tell you any information in advance, you’ll get to know me anyway. 😉

I wonder what it will be like.. everything! You, our relationship, the time when it will happen, just anything! 😀

I hope you are somewhere out there and we’ll eventually find together and have a lovely time.

The reason for missing you is that I’m just caving for somebody I can truly trust and tell EVERYTHING! I want to share everything with you, the happy moments and the sad ones, lazy days and adventurous experiences, busy days and days where we’re doing nothing at all but just be with one another. ❤ For example now, I just finished of a very important chapter in my life and now I’m starting all over! I wish I could share them with you – the time before it, the graduation and the start at uni.

Well, I guess that has to wait for a bit. Till then, I am excited for my/our futre,

Annemarie ❤

30 day letter challenge – day 14

A letter to someone I drifted away from:

Hey there,

It’s me Annemarie, do you still remember me? We went to primary school together 🙂 How are you doing? I hope you are fine! I wonder what you are doing now? Are you still in school or do you already have a regular job? Actually I wonder what all of our former classmates are doing now 🙂 I mean I still know some of them, but not many.

I guess it would be nice if we’d organise a meetup, maybe our 10th anniversary? But yeah… I’m not in contact with all of them, in fact with just a few…

So I hope everything is ok and maybe we’ll see eachother any time soon 🙂

Yours, Annemarie

30 day letter challenge – day 13

A letter to someone I wish could forgive me:

Hey you,

I don’t know who you are because I just cannot think of anyone I have hurt that bad, so that they can’t forgive me, but still:

I hope we can talk about what is wrong or I did wrong. I just want you to talk to me because I just don’t know. That’s what I find most reasonable thing anyway! If you’ve got a problem with someone you definitely should talk with the perosn to solve the issue or at least to coexist peacefully.

So I hope problems ressolve to everybodys consent.

Bye 🙂

30 day letter challenge – day 12

Wow guys I’m so sorry for not posting lately but guess what? I fell totally ill whilst studying and after my finals… YEY! :/

Anyways, today I am able agian to post something:

A letter to the person I hate most/caused me a lot of pain:

Dear you,

I cannot think of anyone better than you because obviously I do not let people hurt me anymore – and I always forgive my family. That’s why I chose you because in my adolescence I was hurt pretty bad by you, because back then in my puberty I couldn’t think of a way to not let you do this.

But actually I do not care about you and that is why I don’t have anything to say to you… sorry not sorry.


I guess I hope we do not interfere with eachother anytime soon, so bye and never to be seen again 😉

30 day letter challenge – day 11

A letter to a deceased person I wish I could talk to:

Oh my beloved great-grandpa ❤

How much I miss u ❤

You just cannot imagine… Or do you?

I bet you know already that right now I’m taking my finals and I know you feel how much I suffer becuase of all the stress 😦

I am sooo damn grateful that you were the person who raised me and formed me in a way I cannot thank you enough! ❤

Opapa ❤ You will always be in my heart forever and as you know I keep a picture of you in my purse ❤

Oh and I also want to thank you that you take care of the baby ❤

So I am sitting here, sick of School work and even ill 😦 -.- I hope you make me healthy again because seriously I cannot be sick while taking the important oral exams! 😥 Please help me! ❤

I guess I’m gonna go now, I need to study…

I will always remember you! And you will be in my heart forever! You know that! ❤

Lots of love, Annemarie

30 day letter challenge – day 10

A letter to someone I don’t talk as much as I’d like to:

Oh dearest and best friend ❤

You’re always there for me ❤ but still we somehow cannot manage it to meet up more often 😦

We’re not far apart, yet there’s such a distance between us, but what makes me happy is that we met today ❤ I loved the way we laughed and although we didn’t have that much time (there can never be enough time hahahah 😀 ) we enjoyed every minute ❤

I wish there’d be more time just you and me ❤ girlie talk deluxe, gossiping over the world, etc.

Well, I hope our next adventure (festival time! HELL YEAH!!) is as great as all our memories, but I’m quite sure it’ll be epic 😀

Love ❤ your best friend for life-time