“intimates as outwear” – a new trend?

Hey guys! Recently I have heard from the newest fad:

“underwear as outwear”

and so I thought I’d write about it 🙂

I got to know about this trend through a website called FRESHPAIR where you can order underwear as well as nightwear etc. and additionally I did a bit of research and I find this trend very interesting!

So this trend is all about displaying underwear in public, for example wearing nice underwear under transparent clothing. You can wear for example a nice bra under a T-Shirt with cutouts or something like that. Many celebrities also wear a beautiful lace night dress combined with for example a leather or a denim jacket and some nice shoes and the look is perfect! To further explain this trend I would like to show you some examples, how many celebrities wear their underwear as ourtwear:


This for example are Lea Michele, who is wearing a delicate bra under her dress which has a very low neckline, and Kim Kardashian, who really gets the trend 😉

As you can see on the first picture of KK, she is wearing a delicate bra under a very transparent blouse. In the following pictures you can see Ellie Goulding, Kat Graham, Julianne Hough and Kendra Wilkinson wearing the same technique:

Ellie-Goulding-_glamour_26feb14_rex_b_540x810 kat-graham julianne-hough kendra-wilkinson

You can also display your lingerie through wearing some transparent lace outfit such as Shenae Grimes, Jamie Chung, http://Taylor%20Swift and this woman are doing it:

shenae-grimes jamie-chung a8473634af4901bafa0e1e0e8d4eec2f ds ding!

What I also find very sexy and seductive is the look with a delicate corset, as Georgia Salpa, http://Charlize%20Theron, Pixie Lott and  Miley Cyrus are showing us:

georgia-salpa  charlize theron plott_gl_7jun10_pa_b_592x888 mcyrus_GL_13mar12_pa_b

However, Miley can not only be elegant but also very casual with this look. 😉 I really like the following look very much because this is another and especially a very casual way of wearing your intimates as outwear. As for me, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne and Meagan Good are displaying their bras in a way which is also appropriate for everyday life:

miley-cyrus cdelevigne_gl_16nov11_rex_b meagan-good

Very similar to the above “everyday look” is the following one. I especially like this way of showing your bra because of the intricate and lace details: http://Laura%20Badura, http://this%20style, http://this%20look and http://this%20one

laura badura f4bf02acdee3969e00674f3c5fc1f5c8179a35e5e9053e866d48a486c458672a 2b78eca142b0cd6c2d76fa0c32c1deb5

I’m especially a huge fan of this last one, beacuse this is definitely the perfect bra for a backless top!

In my opinion Gwen Stefani is definitely rocking this style with her matching bra and handbag! Furthermore the colour also reoccurs in her shoes ❤ :


Also Beyoncé is a great example for the “intimates as outwear” trend – casually walking with a starbucks cup in her hand, displaying her bra:


To sum up I really have to stress that this look has to be worn self-confidently, because throughout my research I found some very bad examples… Real no-go’s…. An outfit where you display your lingerie really has to be put together in a classy way otherwise it looks just bad and cheap.

But in general I am a huge fan of this fashion trend and I don’t think that this look is daring or anything like that. In my opinion displaying bras, panties, delicate lingerie etc. is a beautiful style.

Moreover you can see this look on runways and on many red carpets!

Here are further looks which I like and wanted to share with you:


Kesha in a black lace jumpsuit or overall. I think she really combined the black leather jacket with the underwear very well and it looks perfectly matched!

gisele bündchen

http://Gisele%20Bündchen is wearing a really nice business casual outfit.


Tahiry Jose in a very sexy black dress with a big cutout.

I hope you really liked it and please tell me what you think of this trend!

xoxo Annemarie

2 thoughts on ““intimates as outwear” – a new trend?

  1. French designer Jean Paul Gaultier designed Madonna’s cone bra corset, for her Blonde Ambition Tour, which she wore during a concert in Japan, on April 13, 1990.The Frenchman was inspired by an 80’s street style of underwear, as outerwear, and as proven by your post, the trend continues. Thanks for sharing.

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