Liebster Award #2

Hey guys!

I got nominated again for the “Liebster Award”! Thanks a lot to my overflowing thoughts for the nomination!

So here is the post where I originally wrote the first “Liebster Award” post.

On to the questions:

1) What do you think/How do you feel about rain?

I really hate rain when I’m about to leave the house, but if I stay in I really love it! Especially on those days where you’re lying cuddled up in your bed, reading or listening to music (fall/winter). AND I have a huge obsession with summer rains ❤ it is SOOOOO romantic when you’re outside and it’s dark and it starts to rain and a storm is coming up (oh how I love thunderstorms on summer nights ❤ ❤ ❤ )

2) What is the one thing that can always cheer you up?


3) What kind of books do you like to read?

I don’t have that one genre of books of which I read all of the books. It varies from time to time 🙂

4) Do you like cereal? Which one is your favourite?

Yes, I guess so… 😀

If muesli counts as a cereal hahahaha

5) If you could have any super-power, what would it be?

I would love to fly…

6) If you had the option, would you want to change your name?

Nope! Not at all! 🙂 I love my name ❤

7) Do you believe in astrology?

Puh… I’m not quite sure ’bout this.

8) What do you believe in –  fate or coincidence?


9) What is you favourite quote?

I’ve got a lot of favourite quotes:

Somewhere, somebody loves you – Unknown


10) If you could do any one thing without consequences, what would it be?

That’s a hard one 😀 …

I have to think about that…

So that’d be it with the second “Liebster Award”.

I hope it’s ok that I’m not nominating anyone etc. as I did it in my first one anyway.

See y’all! 🙂

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