“intimates as outwear” – a new trend?

Hey guys! Recently I have heard from the newest fad:

“underwear as outwear”

and so I thought I’d write about it 🙂

I got to know about this trend through a website called FRESHPAIR where you can order underwear as well as nightwear etc. and additionally I did a bit of research and I find this trend very interesting!

So this trend is all about displaying underwear in public, for example wearing nice underwear under transparent clothing. You can wear for example a nice bra under a T-Shirt with cutouts or something like that. Many celebrities also wear a beautiful lace night dress combined with for example a leather or a denim jacket and some nice shoes and the look is perfect! To further explain this trend I would like to show you some examples, how many celebrities wear their underwear as ourtwear:


This for example are Lea Michele, who is wearing a delicate bra under her dress which has a very low neckline, and Kim Kardashian, who really gets the trend 😉

As you can see on the first picture of KK, she is wearing a delicate bra under a very transparent blouse. In the following pictures you can see Ellie Goulding, Kat Graham, Julianne Hough and Kendra Wilkinson wearing the same technique:

Ellie-Goulding-_glamour_26feb14_rex_b_540x810 kat-graham julianne-hough kendra-wilkinson

You can also display your lingerie through wearing some transparent lace outfit such as Shenae Grimes, Jamie Chung, http://Taylor%20Swift and this woman are doing it:

shenae-grimes jamie-chung a8473634af4901bafa0e1e0e8d4eec2f ds ding!

What I also find very sexy and seductive is the look with a delicate corset, as Georgia Salpa, http://Charlize%20Theron, Pixie Lott and  Miley Cyrus are showing us:

georgia-salpa  charlize theron plott_gl_7jun10_pa_b_592x888 mcyrus_GL_13mar12_pa_b

However, Miley can not only be elegant but also very casual with this look. 😉 I really like the following look very much because this is another and especially a very casual way of wearing your intimates as outwear. As for me, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne and Meagan Good are displaying their bras in a way which is also appropriate for everyday life:

miley-cyrus cdelevigne_gl_16nov11_rex_b meagan-good

Very similar to the above “everyday look” is the following one. I especially like this way of showing your bra because of the intricate and lace details: http://Laura%20Badura, http://this%20style, http://this%20look and http://this%20one

laura badura f4bf02acdee3969e00674f3c5fc1f5c8179a35e5e9053e866d48a486c458672a 2b78eca142b0cd6c2d76fa0c32c1deb5

I’m especially a huge fan of this last one, beacuse this is definitely the perfect bra for a backless top!

In my opinion Gwen Stefani is definitely rocking this style with her matching bra and handbag! Furthermore the colour also reoccurs in her shoes ❤ :


Also Beyoncé is a great example for the “intimates as outwear” trend – casually walking with a starbucks cup in her hand, displaying her bra:


To sum up I really have to stress that this look has to be worn self-confidently, because throughout my research I found some very bad examples… Real no-go’s…. An outfit where you display your lingerie really has to be put together in a classy way otherwise it looks just bad and cheap.

But in general I am a huge fan of this fashion trend and I don’t think that this look is daring or anything like that. In my opinion displaying bras, panties, delicate lingerie etc. is a beautiful style.

Moreover you can see this look on runways and on many red carpets!

Here are further looks which I like and wanted to share with you:


Kesha in a black lace jumpsuit or overall. I think she really combined the black leather jacket with the underwear very well and it looks perfectly matched!

gisele bündchen

http://Gisele%20Bündchen is wearing a really nice business casual outfit.


Tahiry Jose in a very sexy black dress with a big cutout.

I hope you really liked it and please tell me what you think of this trend!

xoxo Annemarie

shpock ♥

Hallo Leute 🙂

Heute möchte ich euch eine seeeeehr coole App vorstellen:


Das ist eine Verkauf-und-Kauf-App (ich glaube nur in Österreich) ähnlich wie Kleiderkreisel. Ich bin erst kürzlich auf diese tolle App gestoßen und habe sofort meine alten Kleider und Schuhe upgeloaded.

Wie funktioniert es?:

Zuerst meldet man sich an und dann geht’s auch schon los 🙂

Man kann aber nicht nur seine alten Klamotten/Accessoires oder ähnliches verscherbeln, sondern man kann auch für seine alten elektronischen Geräte (Küchengeräte etc.), Spielzeug, Autos/Fahrzeuge usw. einen neuen Besitzer finden.

Man wählt einen angemessenen Preis aus et voila.

Man kann nicht nur verkaufen sondern auch kaufen, d.h. warten so einige super Schnäppchen auf dich! 😉

Ich bin wirklich sehr zufrieden und ratet mal wer heute sein erstes Kleid verkauft hat 😉 Yey 🙂

Bis bald, Annemarie ❤


Today I thought I’d share a more fancy outfit with you 😀


I wore this the other day to school and got a lot of compliments for my shoes 🙂 So I thought I have to show them to you ❤


I really love these pair of wedges, I mean just look at the colour *.*


and combined with some basic trousers and just a plain white T-shirt, the shoes are definitely the eye-catcher 😀

Bye ❤ xoxo


Hey ❤

This time I have my OOTD-birthday-special 😀 for you!

20150404_153102 20150404_1531161

I wore: a rosé blouse which is sooooo beautiful!! ❤ (and it does not make me look like I have tons of kilos 😀 ), shimmery black jeans and brown shoes.

My accessories were: My pearl earrings (which you can’t see in these pictures unfortunately), my brand new watch and a bracelet (this combination is soooooo adorable! love it ❤ )

How would you describe this “style”? I’d say simple and casual but still chic and elegant…

I really hope you enjoy such quick OOTD’s 🙂

See ya, Annemarie

(Oh and: I cut my hair 😀 OMG it is so short ❤ )




Today I thought I’m gonna show you another go-to outfit of mine 🙂


For all those who can remember: I wore my new shoes! 😀 You can see them here

So basically it is a light blue jeans combined with a white top. (Yes, I wore a black top underneath, it’s cold at our school 🙂 ) This black cardigan is my fav one 🙂 and the shoes aswell 😀

See ya!

Annemarie x


Hey guys!

Today I have my first outfit of the day for you 😀

This is an example of how I dress for school, simple and comfortable 🙂


My go-to outfit: a pair of jeans and a shirt/sweater. With that I mostly combine any kind of scarf, as it’s still cold outside. At last I wear my fav boots, I nearly wear them everyday 🙂 I love them – they’re so cozy!!



Money I spent on…

Oh no… I was shopping. Is there any need to say more? 😀

Well it isn’t too much, I really needed these things. (I’m proud that I didn’t buy stuff I don’t need 🙂 )

I want to show you the things:


it was love at first sight!!

it’s so delicate and simply beautiful!


needed some simple and elegant black pumps, not too high but still feminine shoes – there you go: comfortable and nice shoes


next: needed sneakers – there you go 😀

you have to know one thing about me: when it comes to sterotypes of women concerning shoes I fit in 100%

believe me I really wanted to buy more than these two pairs, but I resisted 😀 I only purchased the ones I really needed! 😀


A nice white/beige cardigan, looks perfectly combined with a black top, a black jeans and black pumps (the ones I showed you earlier 🙂 )

yes, I went for the classical chic look. Needed some basic clothes, showing that I’m a grown up (hahahahaha nice try)

… and here’s the convenient black jeans:


it kind of has a leathery look (a bit shimmering), like it very much 🙂 , looks pretty with the black shoes and the white cardigan in my opinion


… last but not least: two high-waisted jeans (one in a light blue and the other in a dark grey)

I think they look pretty awesome 🙂 and the best: they’re so comfortable!

Do you like my new things? How is your week going along so far?

Okay then, thanks for stopping by!

Yours, Annemarie x